Patches must be applied in a certain order. Start with the patches listed at the bottom of this page and work your way up. You might experience problems with the server if you do not apply the patches in the correct order.

RackStar Update 1.0.2

File:  RS-All-System-11502-1.0.2.pkg Posted: August 15th, 2006
Description:  Fixes a few small problems in RackStar (details) Size: 9,699,072

Pre-Requisites: None
Reboot: No
md5sum: 3cd54610f7e2fbb2ff45840e773a4c35

Apache Security Update 1.0

File:  RS-All-Security-11544-1.0.pkg Posted: August 1st, 2006
Description: Fixes CVE-2006-3747 Vulnerability in Apache Size: 2,921,314

Pre-Requisites: RS-All-Security-11496
Reboot: No
md5sum: 4301054747a19d8087a79ca050d9c2a5

Apache Security Update 1.0.1

File:  RS-All-Security-11496-1.0.1.pkg Posted: July 6th, 2006
Description:  Fixes CVE-2005-3357/CVE-2005-3352 Vulnerabilities in Apache Size: 1,181,257

Pre-Requisites: None
Reboot: No
md5sum: a5cb3e2cb2be16deca5503641471832a

Sendmail Security Update 1.0

File:  RS-All-Security-11495-1.0.pkg Posted: June 5th, 2006
Description:  Fixes (setjmp(3)/longjmp(3)) Vulnerability in Sendmail Size: 854,725

Pre-Requisites: None
Reboot: No
md5sum: 9b3441a5812b6fa44c09fcbeb77c8f15

OpenWebmail Security Update 1.0

File:  RS-All-Security-11485-1.0.pkg Posted: May 25th, 2006
Description:  Fixes XSS Vulnerability in OpenWebmail Size: 7,729,606

Pre-Requisites: None
Reboot: No
md5sum: 8c990af1078404f6118fb052c2d03216

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